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Department of Investment Services, MOEA





As a staff unit of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Department of Investment Services (DOIS) is responsible for attracting foreign investments to Taiwan, encouraging offshore Taiwan businesses to return and invest in Taiwan, guiding the efforts of Taiwan businesses to invest overseas, and attracting talents from abroad.

Key tasks of the DOIS

  • Attract expat & foreign investments, and spur technical cooperation.
  • Assist & encourage offshore Taiwan businesses to return and invest in Taiwan.
  • Guide & assist the efforts of Taiwan businesses to invest overseas.
  • Develop, collect and manage investment opportunities
  • Promote & monitor investment projects, and eliminate investment barriers.
  • Publish Taiwan's investment climate and investment-related legislation.
  • Recruit overseas talents.
  • Promote bilateral & multilateral investments, and provide related liaison services.


  • Match the needs of economic and industrial developments by attracting the investments of foreign, expat corporations and offshore Taiwan businesses.
  • Respond to globalization and regionalization by helping companies build up a stronger international presence.
  • Take part in multilateral and bilateral investment affairs, and build a strong investment climate.
  • Establish a business matching service, and help companies recruit overseas talents.