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Geographic Distribution of Industrial Clusters in Taiwan

The World Economic Forum''s “Global Competitiveness Report 2016” names Taiwan''s “State of Cluster Development” fifth best in the world. From upstream to midstream to downstream, Taiwan offers sound industrial supply chains that can meet client needs, offer fast responses and quickly provide customized components. In terms of quality and quantity, the competitive nature of Taiwanese products is a major reason why foreign investors choose the island as an investment destination.

However, site selection is a long and complicated process for investors. How can they use the information on and trends of industrial clusters in Taiwan to choose the best investment location and maximize their revenues? As the old saying goes, “Good craftsmanship depends on the use of the right tools." If investors can find the right way to make the right decision, they will get twice the result with half the effort.

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographic and spatial data. With the vigorous development and application of information technology, the scope of GIS use is constantly expanding and investors can use GIS applications as one of the important tools they use in the evaluation of investment locations.

Using GIS to Choose the Right Place

The Economic Geographic Information System of the Ministry of Economic Affairs collects data on such economic-type entities as factories and businesses, as well as on the sale of utilities such as such as water and electricity. It can provide abundant information for spatial analysis and provide investors with a clear and easy-to-understand interface to support decision analysis and effectively enhance the efficiency and comprehensiveness of evaluation, which will make site selection more evidence-based.

Investors using GIS for site selection can gain a more advanced understanding of the distribution of economic activity in Taiwan and of trends in cluster development on the island. After analysis and application, they can use the resulting information as an important reference for investment evaluation or business expansion.

For more detailed information regarding the distribution of industrial clusters in Taiwan, and the value-added application of that information, please visit theEconomic Geographic Information System (Chinese only).