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Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program





In an ongoing effort to build infrastructure for national development in the next 30 years, the government is actively making a comprehensive plan to expand infrastructure investment. The Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program includes funding for 8 categories: railway projects to provide safe and fast transportation, water environments to build resilience against climate change, green energy infrastructure to foster environmental sustainability, digital infrastructure to create a smart and connected nation, urban and rural projects to balance regional development, child care facilities to reverse declining birth rate trends, infrastructure to ensure food safety, and human resources infrastructure to nurture talent and boost employment.

Taiwan needs a new generation of infrastructure for the nation’s future— to enhance the efficiency of resources circulation among regions and to shorten regional development gap, a safe and fast public transportation system is a must, and that means, railway and main line construction, intercity transit improvement, and MRT optimization all need to be done; To cope with climate change, foster energy reform, and build a nuclear-free homeland, the nation needs to strengthen the resilience of its land and shape a low-carbon society driven by green energy; In a world where both our everyday life and work are challenged by digital transformation, the government has to provide broader digital infrastructure and related applications to reduce regional gap, enable diverse urban and rural constructions, and ensure internet access for every citizen; To reverse declining birth rate and reduce parents' burden for child-rearing, it’s necessary to improve both the quality and quantity of child care facilities; To safeguard citizens' health, the government plans to build and modernize national-level food and drug laboratory, which can improve inspection capabilities and strengthen food safety management system; In alliance with the Innovative Industries policy, the program will keep up its work to nurture talents and enhance human resources infrastructure, improve hands-on learning environments at vocational schools, and incubate young R&D talents for scientific innovation, boosting youth employment and facilitate university innovation in Taiwan.