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Taiwan has begun designating free trade zones, and currently has 6 sea port free trade zones and one air port free trade zone. Free trade zones allow 19 varied services, including trading, warehousing, logistics, container distribution, transshipment, transfer, contracted transport, customs clearance services, assembly, consolidation, packaging, repair, fitting, processing, manufacturing, inspection, testing, exhibition, and technical services. Firms can operate in free trade zones in the form of subsidiaries, offices, or operating departments. When foreign cargo enters or is stored in a free-trade zone, and when cargo is exported overseas from a free-trade zone or transferred to another free-trade zone, only a report must be made, and the movement is exempt from review and inspection. Firms in free-trade zones may engage in a wide range of businesses, such as LME non-ferrous metals storage and transit, sea-air intermodal transport, cross-border e-commerce, and overseas warehousing and distribution. Taiwan can take advantage of the benefits of its free trade zones to attract cargo bound for transfer and induce firms to establish distribution centers in Taiwan. Firms can also employ a "store in front, factory behind" operating model to engage in collaboration with firms outside the free trade zone, which will serve to diffuse free trade zones' advantages to other others. Successful win-win "store in front, factory behind" business models can achieve the goal of diversified operation and facilitate expansion.

Keelung Port FTZ There are seven main external access roads. The zone is 60 km, or about a one-hour drive, from Taoyuan International Airport.
The zone benefits from its location in the hinterland of Greater Taipei and its proximity to major political, economic, industrial and commercial centers of Taiwan. Suitable enterprises include warehousing, logistics, assembly and installation, reassembly, packaging, simple processing, cargo shipping, re-export and forwarding.
Kaohsiung Port FTZ The zone is located 3 km from Kaohsiung International Airport and 2 km from the national freeway network. Each of the zone’s access roads connects with Provincial Highway No. 17 and National Freeway Nos. 1, 3 and 10.
Nearby industrial clusters include petrochemicals (led by CPC Corp., Taiwan) and shipbuilding (led by CSBC Corp., Taiwan) along with export processing zones and industrial zones in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, as well as semiconductors, photonics, and optoelectronics in the Southern Taiwan Science Parks.
Taichung Port FTZ Expressway access to Taichung Airport provides a convenient link between air and sea transport. Nearby clusters include the Taichung area export processing zones, machinery technology industrial park, Central Taiwan Science Parks, and Taichung Industrial Park.
Taipei Port FTZ At a distance of only 23 km from Taoyuan International Airport, the zone provides a convenient link between air and sea transport.
Primarily operates as a center for automobile logistics and a major supply chain node for petrochemical,chemical and oil products. In close proximity to the Taipei metropolitan area and the industrial districts of Tucheng, Wugu, Linkou and Shulin.
Su'ao Port FTZ Links to northern Taiwan metropolitan areas via Provincial Highway No. 2 and National Freeway No. 5 allow for 40-minute road access to the zone.
Currently adding investments in the green energy industry. Forms industrial clusters with nearby Longde and Lize industrial zones and Yilan Science Park.
Anping Port FTZ Provincial Highway No. 17 and Expressway No. 86 serve as access roads to National Freeway Nos. 1 and 3. Also, located near Tainan Airport.
One-hour road access to nearby industrial zones, science park, and agricultural and biotechnology parks.
Taoyuan Air Cargo FTZ Primarily serves high value-added components and IT-related industries. Combines air cargo transport, logistics, operations, and warehouse management functions. Specialized zones include an air cargo terminal, warehouse office building, value-added park zone, a logistics center, and an operations center.