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Agricultural Biotechnology Parks





Taiwan currently has two industrial parks focusing on agricultural technology, namely the national-level Agricultural Biotechnology Park and Tainan City's Taiwan Orchid Plantation, which is administered by the local government. These industrial areas have successfully brought about the formation of six industry clusters, which are in the respective fields of valueadded natural products, aquaculture and value-added products, agricultural materials, livestock biotechnology and value-added products, biotech testing along with contract production services and marketing, and energy-conserving environmental control agricultural facilities. In addition, hardware and software advantages such as single administrative window service, bonded areas with tax incentives, convenient one-stop import/export customs clearance, low-interest loans, funding for R&D and industry-academic collaboration, standard biotech plants, logistics centers, multifunctional warehouse areas, and manpower training centers induced agribusinesses to build plants on leased land or lease standard biotech plant buildings, thus forming industry clusters. Furthermore, the Taiwan Orchid Plantation serves as a high-tech agricultural industry platform offering R&D, production-marketing, processing, and transfer services, and has boosted the export of high added value products. The Taiwan Orchid Plantation's R&D results have helped nearby farms become satellite farms, which has accelerated the formation of an agricultural technology industry cluster, and promoted the transformation and sustainable management of agriculture in Taiwan.